Marketing plan template may be different for something that is market on the Internet as compared to something that market off-line. The template is laid out in a series of channels each channel covering a given form of marketing used on the Internet. Person  may tend to focus on one or two channels.

But you should understand fully what all the channels are and as you grow you should factor them into your final marketing plan. The only way to start a business venture with confidence is to develop a good marketing plan – one that’s backed up with facts and research. This strategy clearly shows how you’ll attract customers to your product or service and persuade them to buy. The marketing plan also builds confidence with financial institutions, showing lenders that your business has a good chance of being successful.

Try to know your customers inside and out, including their expectations and their whims. Your profile should include basic demographic portraits that paint a clear portrait of your clients. Look at characteristics such as age, sex, profession or career, income level, level of educational attainment and geographic location. It’s also important to understand exactly what motivates customers to buy. Opportunities are ways for your business to grow and be more profitable. The most common approach is to use marketing metrics. For example, your market objectives could look at total market share and segments, the total number of customers and percentage retained, the proportion of your potential market that makes purchases and the size or volume of those purchases. In clear marketing objectives describe the desired outcome of your marketing plan with attainable and realistic objectives, targets and a clear time frame. Once you’ve determined your objectives and targets, it’s time to look at how you’ll promote your business to prospective customers.

A marketing plan without financials has little clout. Financials can also be included in a general business plan. One document you’ll need to produce is a budget and sales forecast. Try to make it simple and determine such points there: How much financing will you need to run your business? What will you be charging? etc.